Cabin rentals

We have eleven cabins available mid June through the end of August.


Keoka is our main cabin! This cabin has a wrap-around porch that hosts our weekly Coffee Hour on Sunday mornings where the whole camp is invited to enjoy coffee & donuts and meet the other residents in camp for the week.

Keoka is not available for rent outside of the immediate family.


Kricket is in the center of camp with the closest direct access to our swimming area! Kricket sleeps 6, with 3 bedrooms & a comfortable living room. Kricket boasts a porch with a view of Granddaddy rock & easy access to grab a kayak or a canoe for an early morning adventure. Kricket has close access to the parking lot for carrying your paddle board down from your car.


Kekasco is also in the center of camp, right along the water! Kekasco has a great porch for sunrise coffee & afternoon reading. Kekasco sleeps 6 people with a cozy kitchen. It is great for a small family looking for a quiet vacation of a group of friends.

North Keovee

North Keovee’s living room is great for playing games and is a great family space. This cabin sleeps six and shares one wall with it’s neighbor, South Keovee. The two cabins are not connected. North Keovee has a view of the lake and is also close to the parking lot.

South Keovee

South Keovee has bright bedrooms and sleeps 6 people. South Keovee has one of the larger kitchens of the cabins, so is great for cooking a group meal or collaborating on a dish. South Keovee and North Keovee share a wall, but are not connected. South Keovee is a little farther back from the water, but is only a short walk from the swimming area.


Kayula has our largest cabin to porch ratio! Kayula sleeps 4 but has a wrap around porch with porch access from the living room or the main bedroom, which overlooks the water. Kayula is right on the water, with a private view of the lake. Although she is small, she has a living room well situated for a game night!


Kedar has the perfect porch for

North & South Kenwanee

North Kenwanee & South Kenwanee can be rented separately, each cabin sleeping 6, or they can be rented together for a total group occupancy of 12! Perfect for a family reunion or a big trip with friends! The two cabins have a rec hall in between them that is available for use by anyone staying in the cabin. The rec hall has a pool table, lots of cozy couches, and a fireplace for chilly nights. North and South Kenwanee both have individual kitchens & porches.


Katydid is right along the water, with a great view of the lake from the patio or the living room where you can hear the loons in the evenings. Katydid sleeps 6 and has a very open kitchen and a cozy central space for a game night or family meal.


Katahdin is perfect for honeymooners or people looking for a more private camp experience! It is at the end of camp, on a small hill, so the view from the porch is gorgeous. Katahdin was recently renovated and now sleeps 6 people. Katahdin has quieter energy and is a great cabin if you are wanting to get away.